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[VAC] Moving and more

Well all, the rest of this week, I'm moving into my new apartment in
Eugene, Oregon.  If there are any developers in the area, I'd like to get
together somewhere for coffee and keysigning, please email off-list!  =)

I'll leave galen running here as long as I can, but I won't have time to
do much of anything at all because the drive between here and there is so
long.  Once I get moved in, net access may be spotty or non-existant for
several days at least.  And then the following week, I'll be in Salem for
a few days to attend my mom's wedding.  =D  So you can all count on me
being out of touch for a couple of weeks, more or less.

NMU's of anything that need it are welcome.  SDL needs it - if you've got
arts set up, please feel free to go squash the arts bug.  A recompile with
libarts1-dev _should_ fix it, though I can't myself test that and won't
have a chance to coordinate testing with anyone else till I get back.
Also removing the call to autogen.sh in the rules file will workaround the
libtool issue for now.

Beyond that, see everyone in a couple weeks, or maybe sooner!

Joseph Carter <knghtbrd@bluecherry.net>     The guy with a rocket launcher
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