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Re: Bug#158059: ITP: metacity-themes -- Themes for the Gtk2 metacity window manager

On Sun, 2002-08-25 at 20:18, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-08-24 at 14:37, Mark Howard wrote:
> > Initial packages for this are available at
> > http://tildemh.com/tmp/metacity-themes/
> Hmm....where's the source package?


As this collection is not available anywhere, I have generated the
metacity-themes source tarball myself, using the
debian/build-orig-source script. 

This simply takes a metacity-themes directory containing a number of
tarballs of individual themes from various upstream locations and
generates a single source tarball. 

The build scripts then unpack each tarball to the correct location.
Currently, any discrepancies in the source tarball are all handled
manually - removing duplicate licenses from the
/usr/share/themes/theme-name/metacity-1, for example  (by manually, I
mean manually adding a line to the build process to deal with it). Also,
the copyright and README files are all handled manually at present. 

I am now considering writing a perl script to handle the data a little
better. This would involve storing all the details of each theme in a
table and automatically generating documentation, most probably to be
placed in /usr/share/doc/metacity-themes/theme-name/. This would then
also scan the theme directories (as created by the upstream tarballs)
for documentation and move them to these directories. 

| Mark Howard               cam.ac.uk   mh344@ |
| http://www.tildemh.com    tildemh.com    mh@ |

| Mark Howard               cam.ac.uk   mh344@ |
| http://www.tildemh.com    tildemh.com    mh@ |

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