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Unidentified subject!

Diamonds as An investment

I took the liberty of getting your email address from the internet. I will
not bother you again after this intrusion.
My name is Anthony Thomas and I am an English diamond dealer.  
Diamonds are a great investment with their price rising app 8-10% per year
without the risks that the equity markets (stocks and shares) have as we
have recently witnessed. 

The problem has always been however that a normal individual cannot get
access to diamonds at the genuine 'trade' price so that resale was very
difficult and one would have to wait many years before being able to get a
return on their investment diamonds. This is no longer the case for you.

We are currently offering our loose certified diamonds at 40% off the
international wholesale price (known as the Rappaport Price List). This
price is less than most retailers would ever hope to pay for such goods.
The European Gemological Laboratory certifies all stones and all goods may
be supplied using an ESCROW service so that funds are not released to us
until you have safely recieved the goods. Please feel free to ask ANY
independent jeweler if this is a good deal or not. 
Obviously if this is of interest to you then we need to talk directly to
one another. Please telephone me on +6617626045 or fax me on +662 6309
612. Please do not reply to me by email as this account is only being used
to send this once only message. Thank you for your time.
Kind regards
A. Thomas.

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