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Re: Bug#157719: ITP: ffmpeg -- FFmpeg Streaming Multimedia System

> But you will lose a lot of fonctionnalities. This is the main reason
> I've never did an ITP for ffmpeg.

Yep, it's the same with nvrec. But I discussed this with my mentor, and
we're still not clear on this: if a package needs linking with some
troublesome package, does this break the DFSG?

I guess it depends if you consider "the software" as "the source" or
"the binary".

> > but since nvrec requires mp3lame I am trouble anyway ;)
> BTW the video codecs (MPEG4, MSMPEG4) are DFSG compliant ?

depends, unless an xvid version is written, cf. previous point.

In practice, this would mean that _anything_ that uses a lame call is
not fitted for debian?

And yes, I am in trouble, most of the packages that ITP (mostly video
related) depend on lame.

	greetz, marc
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