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On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 03:52:12PM +0200, Oliver Kurth wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 03:18:38PM +0200, Torsten Landschoff wrote:
> > So - what should I do to handle this? Can the priority of libssl0.9.6 be
> > easily changed? Or should I rather provide libldap2{,-ssl}? Technically
> > it would not be a big deal since the interface of libldap2 does not
> > change if you enable ssl. Also I wonder if a slapd package without 
> > ssl would be in order. After all there are still people using Debian
> > who are not allowed to import all that crypto stuff from the US.
> I would suggest that you make an extra -ssl package, along the lines
> of eg. fetchmai{,-ssl}l. It reduces dependencies and solves your
> problem. Maybe people want ldap, but not ssl.

Now that we have crypto in main, I think we should have fewer -ssl
packages, not more.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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