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Re: Bug#157719: ITP: ffmpeg -- FFmpeg Streaming Multimedia System

> A lot of the code in ffmpeg is within the 'libavcodec' subdirectory,
> and this code has been incorporated by several other projects (xine
> and mplayer are all I can think of right now). I know that the libxine
> source, at least on the debian servers, contains a copy of libavcodec.
> Perhaps a dynamic libavcodec library should be built from the ffmpeg
> sources and packages like xine could link against it.

Well, I decided that I could not use the version of Christian because it
was to old, but used his configuration to recompile with a latest

libavcodec and libavformat are now dinamically linked in nvrec (instead
of included in the project). I'll see if there are no recording
problems and if not, report the changes to upstream.

libavformat was not compiled as a shlib in the original sources.

Since Christian is basically maintaining the package, I'll confer with
him about the best approach, I won't "branch" the package.

       greetz, marc
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