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Re: Upcoming bug mass-filing re. non-free TrueType fonts in main

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 01:16:14PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> [1] I have been told that the OpenOffice fonts are not free and were
>     pulled from CVS a short while ago.  This puts ttf-openoffice
>     into question and any other package that contains a font included
>     in ttf-openoffice.  I need confirmation of this before I can file
>     bugs.

Are you sure? They were originally released with OO, and because of that
should be regarded as free unless the original release was a mistake. But
when I RFPed them, they were cvs removed because of X server errors - not
license issues. Although I can't even find them anymore now through the CVS
web view. Not even in Attic.
Although I also can't find anything in the OO bugzilla or the list archives
about license problems.

Oh well.

As a coincidence, I wrote down a number of URLs for font sites from an old
magazine I threw away a few weeks ago and went hunting for free (as in
speech) fonts. I've found some, but it was even harder than I thought it
would've been. Expect an ITP soon.

I've also found one particular font author who had a good number of
`freeware' ones, which allowed just about anything except modification. I've
contacted him, and his initial reply was positive. I'll see how things



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