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Re: transition plan to gtk 2.0

> Some random packages use gtk 2.0 now.  What is the transition
> plan to gtk 2.0?  I think every library which depends on gtk
> should be recompiled first.

Uhm, gtk1 and gtk2 are not API compatible i think.
Recompiling only solves ABI problems, not API.
So it's not about recompiling, but it requires some major changes to the
code i think. That's why they increased the major version number.
It's not gtk 1.0 -> 1.0.2 or 1.0 -> 1.2 migration...
Think of gtk2 as a new gtk design.

So the transition plan is: wait for upstream to finish their gtk2 port.
wait for them to fix all the major bugs. then build a package based upon

See for example gnumeric in bugtracking. Or see galeon2, which is a
complete rewrite of galeon1.

(well, i havn't done much with gtk yet, just a few experiments with
gtk2, but i'm pretty sure that you can't just recompile a gtk1 app with
gtk2... not even after some minor changes...)


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