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New categories system to simplify packages management


I am now enjoy Debian 3.0. Yes, it's a good system.
It is a big, very big system... And to hard select from thouthands
packages. For example, how can I now select e-mail client? I must go
throught hungreds of packages, it's take many time and attention.
Yes, you offer many choices; and it will be very good, if you'll
introduce categories of software.
Your current sections system is too weak. It have too few sections and
do not allow to place application in several categories. For example,
Mozilla is a news reader, Web browser and e-mail client. Problem may
be solved by inserting in package info line like this (for Mozilla):

Services: net/www net/communication/email net/communication/news

In my opinion, categories must have tree-like structure, so user can
easily search needed.

Of cource, APT must support database of this categories, including
non-installed packages, and give tool to managing packages  this way.

Best regards,
Alex V. Khmara                        mailto:wheelghost@myrealbox.com

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