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On-Line Issue and Action Tracking Tool

Introducing a new concept in Internet based computing, myactions.co.nz is an on-line team tool for issue and action tracking, and knowledgebase recording. Asking yourself the following questions may help explain its purpose:

Have you ever:
* Experienced the occasion where you thought an action was completed, but in fact it was not?
* Been asked to do something, and had to record something significant in an e-mail that later proved hard to find?
* Had that niggling feeling that you've gone through a similar problem before, but forgot how it was fixed?
* Had a team member who has moved on, and with that valuable knowledge which has not been recorded?

Or would you like to be able to:
* See what the status is for certain issues or events such as investigations, projects, studies, customer requests, maintenance or whatever other categories are relevant in your team?
* Be notified when an action you requested is completed and what was done to complete it?
* Find out who is (or has been) working on which activities?
* Have an overview of outstanding/overdue actions in your team?
* Access the facility from any place at any time?

If the answer to any of the questions above is a positive one, then perhaps it is time to look at www.myactions.co.nz. This on-line team collaboration tool serves to help teams manage activities, provide an audit trial, and build a knowledge base while you work. This can be particularly useful in:
* An environment where teams are not housed in one location
* A regulatory environment where it is important to keep a track record
* A quality management environment where you document what you do 

www.myactions.co.nz offers e-mail notifications, change logs and full history (for audit trails), flexible fields (so it can be tailored to your specific needs), a powerful search engine, and more. It is easy to use and requires no training, but only a simple introduction. And being Internet based, it is available at anytime from anywhere, and will not be a drain on your organisation's computing resources.

If this service sounds like something that might be useful for your team or organisation then please visit www.myactions.co.nz, view the Info section and test-drive the demo database, or contact us for details and a one month, obligation free trial at no cost. 


The team at myactions.co.nz
e-mail: sales@myactions.co.nz

Please note: 
1. This is a one off e-mail. You will not be contacted again by us unless by (your) choice.
2. Care has been taken to target this e-mail to potentially interested parties, so we hope you - or someone else in your organisation - will find the above of benefit. If not, we apologise for this inconvenience.

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