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Re: Dock Apps packaging

> Well, what about using such a popularity contest with dockapps,
> including then a dockapp selection in Debian ?
> The problem still is finding one, as Dock App Warehouse
> (www.bensinclair.com/dockapp/) doesn't have any kind of sorting, and
> dockapps.org, which tries to use a freshmeat-like popularity notation,
> is too young. Maybe we could ask Dock App Warehouse for their top 20/50
> downloads - they are not public.

Well, I can say as the main author of Dockapps.org that one of the main
problems with the other sites, Ben Sinclair's included, is that these
sites didn't keep a copy of the package for download. All of the links
(most of them anyway) are to outside servers, and because of that you get
a lot of 404 errors.

What Dockapps.org is trying to do is basically to put an end to this
problem, and have the site keep all of the packages and the screenshots.

Anyway, Ben Sinclair's site doesn't keep a statistic for downloads because
it doesn't keep the files on their server. Neither it uses a redirector
script to keep track of the clickthroughs.

Just my .2c.


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