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Re: Bug#155284: ITP: mydns -- free DNS server implemented and designed to use MySQL for data storage.

On Sat, Aug 03, 2002 at 07:55:47PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> Incidentally, your upstream was on #debian-devel the other day, a  few
> hours after  your  ITP,  asking  if  anyone  would  be  interested  in
> packaging his software. We pointed him to your ITP, and he was  a  bit
> surprised you hadn't contacted  him.  He  was  definitely  happy  that
> packages were in progress, though.

yup I sent him a mail just after I sent the ITP... pointing him  to  the
preliminary package and he added the package to the download page on the
mydns web site.

Just a question of timing... sorry for this :(

> So just a quick note to all: be sure to contact the upstream author of
> people whose software you're packaging! It's the polite thing  to  do.
> Sometimes they may not want their software to  be  widely  distributed
> until it's out of beta, or  maybe  they'd  just  like  to  know  who's
> redistributing it.

yes, I completely agree with this... next time I'll send a mail  to  the
author _before_ and not _just after_ the ITP :)

Hélios de Creisquer <helios@balios.org>

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