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Re: Upcoming bug mass-filing re. non-free TrueType fonts in main

For another item on the fire:

wprint contains COURR_SE, a hacked version of Microsoft's Courier.

Finally, this package contains an original font contributed to the
project and licensed under the GPL (how refreshing!)

- contains 'yudit' an original, DFSG-free font

On the other hand, programs should not be installing their own
fonts, unless it's a special cursor font or the like. This should
arguably be its own package to be used in any program that wants
it. (It's merely a serif Latin-2 font combined with a Hungarian
Runic font encoded into the Private Use space, making it relatively
unimportant.) I find the large, decent quality free fonts available
to everything on the system to be much more refreshing than any
packages private font.

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