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Re: Backing up a Debian system

Drew> I keep track of non-packaged stuff now, but I didn't
Drew> always. Checking for non-packaged files *everywhere* would
Drew> likely be useful to many Debian sys-admins.

This loops back to "why is cruft so hard to use" (debarnacle might be
slightly easier but it doesn't relieve you of manual work either).
The reason: too many files created by maintainer scripts.

When I was studying cruft, I noticed that it had a hook for
automatically reading file lists of the form
"/var/lib/dpkg/info/${package}.extrafiles" (spelling might be slightly
off) which was assumed to list the files ${package} might create but
which are not shipped with it.  Has this ever been an actual proposal?
If so, why/when/how was it abandoned?  Or was it just a fruit of aj's
able imagination?

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