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Re: Bug#155206: tk707: Application initialization failed

Eric Van Buggenhaut wrote:
> Package: tk707
> Version: 0.7.21-3.1
> Severity: normal
> I just installed tk707 to give it a try.
> When strating application from console, it says:
> [eric@femto:~]$ tk707 &
> [1] 4974
> [eric@femto:~]$ Application initialization failed: 
> Then the setup window (Input Ports/Output Ports) opens but doesn't give me
> any option to choose from. I can't even close the window because the 'Ok' button mentioned in the doc doesn't exist.

I pimped this around a couple times as I no longer use the
package.  Popcon says it has a few users and I'm hoping someone
will pick it up so I'll try again (only now it has a bug :-( ).
I didn't orphan it formally b/c I don't want to see it removed
but I don't have time for it any more so I'll probably wnpp it
if someone doesn't pick it up this time.

Pierre upstream was great getting it to mesh with Debian.  It's
a software-only version of the TR-707 drum machine.  Great for
noodling along to if you're a guitarist.

BTW Eric, -3.1 was a recent NMU and I'm not sure what was done.
-3 in stable might work for you.


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