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Re: Release management and testing problems

On Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 04:20:52PM +0200, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Speaking about new libraries, there is not a requirement anywhere that
> source package names must be shared across different library releases.
> If we have libfoo1 and libfoo1-dev generated by source package libfoo
> (or libfoo1) in testing, and we upload to unstable new libraries
> libfoo2 and libfoo2-dev using libfoo2 as the source package name, what
> exactly prevent those new packages to enter testing in ten days provided
> they are bug-free? Nothing.
> If I'm missing anything please tell me.

Afaik completely new packages require manual action by the ftp-admins
before they are accepted to /sid,/ this could take some time.
               cu andreas

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