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Removal of Roxen v1.3 from Debian GNU/Linux. Do or don't?

Marek Habersack (Debian maintainer for pike v7), Fredrik Hallenberg (Debian
maintainer for pike v0.6) and myself (Debian maintainer of Roxen - all versions)
are planing (or at least THINKING about) removing the old Roxen v1.3 from
Debian GNU/Linux.

The reasoning for this is that Roxen 1.3 is old, not maintained (upstream that
is) and that Caudium REPLACES all (?) functionality of this web server.

Also Pike 0.6, which exists in Debian GNU/Linux more or less ONLY because of
Roxen 1.3 is to old to be really useful in any NEW development projects and
is superseded by Pike 7.x (Pike 7.4 is on the brink of being released) so
it (pike 0.6) should be removed.

But the only way Pike 0.6 can be removed is if Roxen 1.3 is removed along with

Personally I'm running Roxen 2.1 (I have yet to manage to package Roxen 2.2) and
have no 'interest' in Roxen 1.3. I have kept it as maintainer because every
now and then a bug on Roxen2 can also be applicable on Roxen 1.3. I have not
been very keen on removing it because of the possible users that might still
be using it.

But since Caudium have a living development cycle and Roxen (1.3 especially
but unfortunately ALL versions from what I've understood) won't have any NEW
releases or development to it, I'm thinking of dropping support for Roxen 1.3.

Note though that this DOES NOT affect the Roxen 2.1 (nor the 2.2 version if
I ever get this working). I also have no intention of letting go of the
maintainer ship of the package. It will be dropped or I'll keep maintaining it.

Now, the question is. Is anyone using Roxen 1.3? Does anyone have _ANY_ interest
in it. In Debian GNU/Linux that is! I really don't care who's using it OUTSIDE
Debian GNU/Linux (other OS or compiled on there own that is). It's just a matter

     Is there interest in keeping  Roxen 1.3 (and subsequently Pike 0.6) in
     the Debian GNU/Linux distribution?

Please make SURE that I receive a copy of any discussion taking place! Preferably
direct any mails about this _ONLY_ to me. I bet that the rest of the mailing lists
aren't interested :) And since I'm cross posting quite heavily (sorry about that),
let's keep the cross posting to a minimum in the future.

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