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Fw: Linking against libjack

Re-sending to -devel because Ivo's email doesn't seem to work.

Please CC me on replies.

"Stefan Schwandter" <e9925373@student.tuwien.ac.at> wrote:

> Hi Ivo!
> I've checked update_excuses.html today and discovered that
> alsaplayer cant't be built on most architectures anymore,
> because it build-deps on libjack0-dev (which now should be
> libjack0.34.0-dev, btw). JACK can't be built on other
> architectures but i386 and ppc at the moment, as long as
> nobody is willing to do porting work, so libjack-dev
> doesn't exist on anything but i386 and ppc.
> So... I think you should only try to build the jack output
> plugin on i386 an ppc, or else alsaplayer won't enter
> testing. AFAIK that means that you should build-dep on 
> libjack-dev only on these two architectures.
> regards, Stefan

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