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Re: Upgrading to woody -> md5sum gave malformatted output

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> writes:

    Adam> On 28 Jul 2002, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
    Turbo> I'm trying to upgrade my firewall, but libc6 refuses. I first
    Turbo> thought that it was a problem with the package, so I downloaded
    Turbo> it manually from the FTP site, and tried to upgrade/install
    Turbo> just libc6.

    Adam> Edit /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.postinst, add 'set -x' near
    Adam> the top.  dpkg --configure libc6

Didn't help. I tried putting it after 'set -e', and I've tried to
REPLACE 'set -e' with 'set -x'... Nothing of it helped.

    Adam> md5sum in dpkg was made to be compatible with md5sum from
    Adam> textutils.  This means that when md5sum is reading from
    Adam> stdin, it outputs ' -' as the filename.

I could see no references to 'md5sum' in the postinst script, but
after extracting libncurses5 and dpkg it worked:

----- s n i p -----
meduza:/var/cache/apt/archives# dpkg -x libncurses5_5.2.20020112a-7_i386.deb /
meduza:/var/cache/apt/archives# dpkg -x dpkg_1.9.21_i386.deb /
----- s n i p -----

Then all I had to do was:
----- s n i p -----
meduza:/var/cache/apt/archives# dpkg --configure libc6
meduza:/var/cache/apt/archives# dpkg --configure libncurses5
meduza:/var/cache/apt/archives# apt-get dist-upgrade
----- s n i p -----

Now it seems to continue...

    Adam> My guess is that the libc6.postinst is assuming a newer
    Adam> md5sum, but because dpkg has not yet been updated, it uses
    Adam> the old version.

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