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Re: makedev stuff

On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 02:54, Andres Salomon wrote:
> Here are a few example config file entries:
> std mknod --mode=640 mem c 1 1 && chown root:kmem mem
> std mknod --mode=640 kmem c 1 2 && chown root:kmem kmem
> lvm2 mkdir device-mapper; minor=$(grep "[0-9] device-mapper$" /proc/misc |
> sed 's/[ ]\+device-mapper//'); mknod --mod=600 device-mapper/control c 10
> $minor && chown root:root device-mapper/control
> I decided to go w/ running commands, instead of going w/ Redhat and
> Ian Zimmerman's methods of calling mknod()/link() directly so that
> packages could extend makedev without having to touch the source code

So how would we hook into this?

I would like to have my SE Linux package hook into this and pass the security 
context to the SE version of mknod after searching the regular expressions in 
the file_context file to determine what context to have.

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