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Re: Mail oops!

On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 07:55:18PM -0400, Patrick Ouellette wrote:
> (Nothing particularly private about this)

Ditto.  In fact, I'm cc'ing -devel, and followups should go there.

[after balsa sent out dups of everything stored in a mutt-created
folder named "outbox"]

> Why would *anyone* keep copies of sent messages in a folder called
> sentbox instead of outbox? ;-)

If you go by the analogy of workflow in days of yore (pre-computer),
then it makes sense to put unsent mail in the "outbox".  The inbox is
where stuff coming in goes, and the outbox is where stuff going out
goes.  Sent mail isn't going out because it already went out, so
outbox is not the perfect name for that.  However, I agree that this
may be a little obscure in our modern times, and it might be a nice
wishlist for balsa to have the option to use your own names for its
special-purpose folders when you set it up.

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