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Re: interfaces, mapping, etc

ajt@debian.org said:
> For example, you could do bridging like this, with a stanza like:
> 	iface brg0 inet static
> 		...
> 		bridge eth0 eth1

This already works, but it's unfortunately not quite flexible enough.
Here's the bridge stanza from one of my machines:

	iface br0 inet static
		bridge_ports eth3 eth4
		bridge_stp off

		# this is a Hack. ifup/down requires an IP for this interface even
		# though we don't want one, so we assign bullshit and remove it once
		# the bridge is up.
		up ip addr del dev br0

ifupdown requires an "inet static" interface to have an address, but a
bridge doesn't always need an IP. I need to file a bug on this.


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