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Re: pam_console for debian

On Fri, 26 Jul 2002 12:43, Brian May wrote:
> > Changing the type in SE Linux immediately prevents all further access to
> > the open file handle unless the domain in question is permitted such
> > access.
> Could that be a problem if the user is already in middle of the
> transaction?

Depends on what you consider a problem.  ;)

> eg. user program sends request to camera "get file", camera sends data
> back, user program gets denied access while transferring data, what
> happens to the data getting sent back?

>From what the device driver sees it'll be the same as if the application had 
been kill -STOP'd up until the time the application decides to close the file 
handle or gets killed (in which case the regular kernel operations for 
closing the file handle take place).

There may be some device drivers which can't handle an application dieing in 
the middle of an operation, such hypothetical drivers are just buggy and the 
bugs can and will be triggered on non-SE systems as well.

Besides, if you are in the middle of using your camera why would you want to 

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