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Re: Possible mass-filing of bugs

On 17-Jul-2002 Gergely Nagy wrote:
>> That's put there by dh-make-perl (and probably dh_make too), so I'd
>> suggest filing bugs against those packages too. The same goes for
>> dh-make-perl's generation of README.Debian (the contents of which
>> should be in debian/copyright).
> Last time I checked, dh_make didn't put emacs variables there
> anymore.
> However, if those tools made this, then I'm even more disappointed,
> because the maintainer didn't notice and fix them.. *sigh*
> Anyway, thanks for the hint!

I wish I had the time to read the various README.Debian files.  Many I have
read are 100% useless like "LHA for Unix" from the lha package.

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