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Re: etherconf or ifupdown problem with subnets

Previously Scott James Remnant wrote:
> Nearly all the customer netblock allocations we give to customers are
> /28, /29 or /30.  Getting a /24 off RIPE for a single customer is for
> all intents and purposes, impossible.

And many of the /30s allocated are just attatched to a router and
the customer uses lots of machines in RFC1918 space behind them. The
number of machines in a /30 block is a small minority (and most of
them should be /31 anyway these days).

> Perhaps, but you either have to error, or provide some kind of sensible
> default.  I do not believe that /24 is sensible across the board.

I do, even though I'm currently only using /25 up to /28 at work.


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