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Re: Mounting NFS several times

Previously Michael Meskes wrote:
> As some of you might know it's no problem to mount a single NFS share
> multiple times onto the very same mount point. And since the kernel
> accepts this, mount has no problems with this behaviour as well. But I
> wonder what's the reason for this. Can anyone give me a reasoning, why
> this isn't supposed to be a bug?

Lets turn this around: why should it be a bug? You can also do the same
with any other mount if you want..

[thunder;/tmp]-729> mount | grep squid
/dev/system/squid on /var/spool/squid type reiserfs (rw,nodev,noexec)
[thunder;/tmp]-730> sudo mount /dev/system/squid /cdrom
[thunder;/tmp]-731> sudo mount /dev/system/squid /mnt
[thunder;/tmp]-732> mount | grep squid
/dev/system/squid on /var/spool/squid type reiserfs (rw,nodev,noexec)
/dev/system/squid on /cdrom type reiserfs (rw)
/dev/system/squid on /mnt type reiserfs (rw)

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