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machine tool

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Dear sir/madam :

Your name and email has been given to us by Internet

Please allow to  introduce  ourselves as  following:

We are a direct manufacturer are specialized in the machinery products. especially such as : Gear producing ,machine tools , CNC Machine, General-purpose Machine , Precision machine ,high-efficiency machine, large gear hobbing machine ,knee-type series miller,F series heavy duty knee-type miller,NC knee-type series miller ,drilling &milling machine, Numerical lathe Bed  Milling Machine Series etc.

We are attaching herewith our updated  Products List, for your kind perusal and acknowledge..

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(a)  gear producign machine tools

1.  Involute spline rolling machine  , General-purpose gear hobber   , Semi-automatic gear hobbers ,

Precision gear hobbers

2.  Universal gear hobbers , Special purpose gear hobbers  ,High-efficiency gear hobbers  ,

General-purpose gear shapers

3.  High precision gear hobbers  ,Transmission chain accuracy tester , CNC form gear grinder,

General-purpose gear shavers

4.  Spiral worm mill , CNC gear hobber , CNC gear shapers , Gear pitch tester

5.  Gear rounding machine , High speed gear rounding machine , Gear tooth chamfering machine ,

Internal tooth rolling mill

6.  CNC gear shavers , Gear noise tester , Axial pitch tester , Gear pitch tester

7.  Double flank tester , Waviness metering instrument , CNC cycloidal gear milling machine ,

CNC cam milling machine

8.  Spherical worm gearings , Cylindrical worm gearings

9.  CNC gear honing machines with internal tooth gear tool , CNC non-cylindrical gear milling machine

10.  Gear hobbers for producing fine pitch gears , Gear honing machines with external tooth gear tool

(b)  Numerical lathe Bed  Milling Machine Series

Vertical Machine Center
Heavy Elevating Milling Lathe
Numerical Control Elevating Milling lathe
Numerical Control Bed type Milling Lathe
Elevating platclorm Milling Lathe
(c) CNC Machine

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine
YK3120,YKJ3180H,YKJ3150E,YKA3150,YKS3132,YKX3132,YKS3120, YKA3120A,YKB3120A,YKZ3120

CNC Gear Shaving Machine
YK4220,YKT4220,YKTZ4220,YK4232,YKA4232A,YKA4232B,YKT4232, YKAT4232,YKA4250, YKA4250A

CNC Gear Rounding Machine

CNC Gear Shaping Machine

CNC Gear Honing Machine

CNC Gear Form Grinding Machine

(d) General-purpose Machine

General-purpose Gear Hobbing Machine
Y3150E,YW3150,YC3180,YB3150E,YB3150E/PC,Y3150E/1,Y3180H, YB3180H,Y3180H/1,YA3180,YW3180,YD3140,YBA3120,YBS3120, YBS3112

General-purpose Gear Rounding Machine

General-purpose Gear Tooth Chamfering Machine

General-purpose Gear Shaping Machine

General-purpose Gear Honing Machine

General-purpose Teeth Rolling Machine

General-purpose Cycloidal Gear Milling Machine

General-purpose Cold Rolling Machine

(e) Precision Machine,High-efficiency Machine,Large Gear Hobbing Machine

Precision Gear Hobbing Machine

High-efficiency Machine

Large Gear Hobbing Machine

So far, they have sold very well to markets in much more ten countries and areas .

For more information about our products, and visit our websit. If our machines do not fall into your require product range now,then we will greatly appreciate you if you can introduce our company to your business friends.

 Please do not hesitate to send us your inquiries,along with detailed specifications of the products you require,  quantity,  delivery/shipping terms, port of discharge and target price.
Best wishes.
Mr.Haibing Zhou
Email : weilinwang@163.net
Telephone: 86-23-67635008
Fax: 86-23-67732102

Chongqing machine tool Co.Ltd.


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