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mozilla-locale-*: language selection by the LANG/LC_MESSAGES environment variable

Hi all,

I add a request about mozilla-locale-fr by Laurent Bonnaud:

> would it be possible for mozilla to use locale settings for language
> pack selection ?  As-is mozilla can hardly be used by non english
> speaking novice users:

>  - they have to start mozilla once in English
>  - they have to find your way in English menus
>  - once done they have to restart mozilla

> This a a pain compared to the vast majority of software that start up
> in french once the admin has set the LANG variable.  Is the tens of
> software that compose a typical Linux desktop had to be configured 
> separately for language settings, this would be a nightmare.

I think it is a good idea, but the implementation is maybe a little 
difficult. I have thought of a wrapper to call mozilla, which modify 
the user configuration files before starting mozilla. However, I found 
it is better to use the same solution for mozilla-locale-*.

What do you think of this request and do you have any other idea to 
implement that ?


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