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Re: imlib and libpng

"Steve M. Robbins" <steven.robbins@videotron.ca> writes: 
> About the new SONAME for imlib.  It would be nice if we had
> cooperation across distributions about this.  I've emailed upstream a
> few times over the the last month or two about picking a standard
> soname, but have heard nothing back.  For their "rawhide", RedHat went
> ahead and linked in libpng3 *without* changing the SONAME.  So I think
> we can kiss cross-distribution compatibility goodbye.

Note that we went to some care to maintain the ABI of gdk_imlib, by
forcing it to load libpng with private symbols.

For plain imlib, my basic sentiment is that it's barely maintained,
deprecated, not used by many things, and not a very good library...
its non-maintenance is why this problem exists, since the real
solution here is for upstream to release a parallel-installable new
version that uses libpng3.

Still the soname probably should be incremented. I can do that still,
rawhide is just a beta, it's not released.


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