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Re: Where is Debian going?

Groan, not this again.  Yes the release cycle is slow.  No, this is not a
good thing.  But this topic has been done to death.  Please search the
archives for dozens of postings similar to yours. I don't see anything new
here.  And I don't see any developer in any of those threads saying "more
discussion is needed on this topic -- we simply don't have enough ideas for
how to fix it, so please send us yours".

On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 03:45:30PM +0200, giuseppe bonacci wrote:
> (BTW: no user new to Debian will try 'Testing' or 'Unstable' before
> 'Stable'.)

This premise is false.  Many people are introduced to Debian through our
LUG.  When they, do, they invariably install 'testing'.  The LUG members are
more than happy to help each other work through any glitches in the install
(and there would be glitches anyway, even if the new users had installed
'stable' -- this is the way with first-time installs).

While not ideal, testing works for enough people, and well enough, so that
the Debian user base is not hemorrhaging disatisfied users running back to
RH, as you imagine.

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