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Re: Shouldn't desktop environments use *term -ls? (Re: The best recommendation [...])

On Mon, Jul 08, 2002 at 06:41:24PM +0200, Manfred Wassmann wrote:
> It has always bugged me that *term starting buttons/menu entries provided
> by windowmanagers or desktop environments call the program without the -ls
> switch so that /etc/profile etc aren't sourced by the shell and the
> environment isn't set up correctly.
> I think that terminal emulators should be started with -ls unless they are
> used to run a dedicated program with the -e switch.  This would affect a
> lot of packages (window managers, gnome panel, menus, kde) so I would like
> to hear other developers opinions on that issue.

If the display manager supports PAM, as I think all display managers
currently in woody do, then pam_env.so will have been run well before
the terminal emulators are started.  Therefore -ls is overkill.

Furthermore, I personally am resistant to specifying -ls for all Debian
window managers because:

* it would be disruptive to the expectations of users who have gotten
  used to it not being set
* I'm not sure all x-terminal-emulator packages support "-ls".

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