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Re: Woody status

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 07:35:19PM +0200, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > > > Why not avoiding to be a smartass and keep quiet when you've got
> > > > nothing useful to say?
> > > 
> > > This reminds me of <20020530200258.GA3960@gkvk.hr>...
> > 
> > What, you think that that was me being a smartass?
> No, I referred to the keeping "quiet when you've got nothing useful to
> say" part.

Well, a month had passed between the last release manager update and the
overall concern and inquiry level was growing.

Me and several other developers noticed it was exactly a month later and
went on to ask aj why there is no "release status update" on -d-a yet. He
said the work is not completed yet, and that he wouldn't post anything until
the completion.

I feel that there's a certain value in keeping the general feeling of being
up to date among developers. The users (non-developers) that may be watching
would probably be happier with that, too.

There was a bit of a row between us on IRC then, because we tried to
persuade aj to post something, and he kept refused. Some of his final
thoughts were along the lines of "it doesn't take a wizard to post
something, you do it if you want, and get off my case".

So I summarized various bits of information that aj, wiggy and perhaps
others had posted previously on -devel, and some information that I learned
via IRC, had it proofread by people, and posted it to debian-devel-announce.

I've since received plenty of thank-you notes, and the only negative
comments were a line from calc "oh, the third paragraph actually has
something I don't know", and this statement above from you.

I figure that's not a bad ratio.

The next status update from aj came in eleven days after, so the timing
wasn't too bad, either.

And interestingly enough, not all woody buildds recompiled uploads from
accepted at that time (and they don't now, either, as far as I've observed
from my recent uploads only 6 of them do it before the usual manual

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