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Re: giFT

Thimo Neubauer <thimo@debian.org> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 03:06:39AM +0200, Alexis Rimbaud wrote:
>> Is there anyone who plans to package and upload giFT for Debian? It
>> would be good to see it in Debian.
>> The official page:
>> <http://gift.sourceforge.net/>
>> Here is a package I've quickly built:
>> <>
> Well, you should mention that "Scott Robinson <scott@tranzoa.net>"
> already provides the packaging in the upstream CVS and that you just
> used his files to build the package...

I thought that the mention in the package (dpkg -s gift -> "Maintainer:
Scott Robinson <scott@tranzoa.net>") was enough.


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