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Suggestion for apt-get (woody+1 ?)

Hi folks,

I have just uploaded a new version of my packages to correct the build 
depency on automake, and I am thinking to all users of Debian doing their 
updates with an RTC connection (like me !). The binary package is the 
same except a new entry in the Changelog !

The problem also appears for a build correction for another architecture, 
or even if there is some changes in the binary package, for an email 
address changed, a misppelled word in the description...

My idea to avoid this is to add a flag when building the package telling 
which changes have been made (a lot of changes have been made, build 
corrections for an arch, description changed, ...). Then each user can 
configure its apt-get to download update with a certain "level".
But, I haven't looked at the source code of dpkg, apt-get and others, so 
I don't know if this idea can be implemented easily.

It is just a suggestion, and there is surely other solutions lower the 
amount of data downloaded in an update. 

Concerning the update of the Packages.gz, I think the solution is called 


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