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New pre-version of synaptic available

Dear Friends,

synaptic is a graphical package management program for debian. It uses
wings or gtk (gsynaptic) for the gui.

As the orginal author Alfredo Kojima has currently no time to work on
synaptic, I started to work on the package. I have a new version
0.20pre4 available and would like to invite intereseted people to test
it. You can get it at:

Or via apt by just adding
deb http://people.debian.org/~mvo/synaptic/debs ./
to your sources.list.

I think it's quite useable and once it got a bit more testing, I would
like to replace the current 0.16 in debian with the new 0.20.

* finished gtk-port
* filters are saved/restored now
*  basic double click sensitivity (change state from "uninstall" to
  "install", "keep" -> "upgrade")
* basic "new packages" support (see what packages are new in debian
  after a update)
* some bug-fixes

Please report any bugs/feature requests/patches directly to me.


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