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Re: Wishlist for woody+1

#include <hallo.h>
Tomohiro KUBOTA wrote on Tue Jul 02, 2002 um 06:16:42PM:

> 	"de"    => "ISO-8859-1",
> 	"de_DE" => "ISO-8859-15",
> 	"it"    => "ISO-8859-1",
> 	"it_IT" => "ISO-8859-15",

These do not make much sense. All this languagues can and should switch
to latin9 since they replaced their currencies with Euro. There are rare
cases where this is not the case (Suisse), but since the old CURRENCY
SIGN is almost never used, latin9 should be the preffered charset for
most people.

Another (old) idea: convert the templates _in_ the packages to UTF-8.
The particular translation pieces should be converted by
debconf-mergetemplate when they are not converted to UTF-8. When the
piece is allready utf8'ed, it should have a tag inside that prevents
debconf-mergetemplate from converting again.

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