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Re: Problems with spamcop

On Mon, 2002-07-01 at 13:20, Nick Phillips wrote:
> Spamcop.net is in my experience utterly useless at dealing with people
> who are sending legitimate mail; ignoring them utterly and completely,
> and suggesting that anyone with problems stops using them gets my vote.


I've used spamcop a while now to report spam, mainly because it's a
really convenient interface. Are they really that bad? Is there a good
replacement (meaning: I can just forward spam to some address and they
will sort out sending complaints).

Or, are there some good spamcomplain-scripts to be run locally? (I do
-NOT- need them to be able to filter spam, it's just that I don't want
to dig through the mailheaders and compose the complaint messages

(Yes, I know, it's getting quite OT, you may want to reply privately).

-- vbi

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