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Second call for proposals, 5th Hispalinux Congress

[Please, forward this note to whomever could be interested]

      V Hispalinux Annual Congress: libre software everywhere
         (includes call for papers for the virtual congress)

  The Hispalinux annual congress is one of the most important meeting
  forums of the free software Spanish speaking world. The IV
  Hispalinux congress, to be held at Donostia/San Sebastian (Spain), 
  follows the tradition of previous editions, providing a cooperative 
  environment where computer related professionals can meet and exchange

  Parallel to the meeting, there will be a virtual congress to which
  you can submit papers, should you be unable to attend the meeting.


  The congress will be held at:

  Madrid (España)
  November, 14-16, 2002




All subjects related to free software and/or GNU/Linux,
including (but not restricted to) the following:

          - Free software development (or free software based

          - Free software and/or GNU/Linux use experiences in the
            business, University, etc.

          - Description of free software projects methodology
            (development, packaging, documentation, translation,
            promotion, etc.)

          - Free software's influence on technology, society, etc.,
            including both social and economical aspects.

          - New technologies research and utilization using free

What to do to submit a paper

The program committee invites researchers, developers and any people
interested in GNU/Linux and free software to submit papers to be
presented at the congress. Such papers should fit in the areas
mentioned above.

What to do to contribute with a seminar

Besides normal communications, short seminars proposals will also be
accepted. These seminars should have a high technical content which
should be enough for a two to four hours session. In due time the 
congress www site will inform about how to propose a seminar.

What to do to propose a BOF

BOFs are informal meetings which last for about one hour, and which
be held during the congress. They must be addressed to a community or an
specific interest group, and must deal with topics related to the
In due time the congress www site will inform about how to propose a

Other conditions

Each contribution should be accompanied by a paper detailing the
subject to be discussed, with a reasonable length (usually between 2000
and 5000 words). In the web site of the congress there are
about the accepted formats and licenses for contributions (in Spanish):

Summarizing for people who cannot read Spanish, plain text, wiki text 
and DocBook4/XML are all accepted. People submitting plain text should 
format it as in http://congreso.hispalinux.es/modelo/ponencia1.txt
People submitting wiki text should format ir as in

Soon, in the same web site, it will be provided some information about 
how to actually submit a proposal.

All received submissions will be peer-reviewed and selected by the
committee, and authors will be informed in due time on the results of
the selection process.

Authors whose contributions are accepted, will agree to deliver a
communication in the congress (or make it available for the virtual
congress if they have chosen to participate in the virtual congress),
and to submit a final version before the deadline given below.


Submission of communications: July 30th, 2002

Acceptance notification: August 30th, 2002

Final version submission: September 15th, 2002

Publication of the papers

Accepted contributions will be published in the Hispalinux web site, in
the proceedings of the Congress, and will be presented by one of the
authors in the Congress, according to the timetable which will be
detailed in due time.

Virtual Congress

If the author of an accepted communication cannot attend the congress
to give a presentation or if the program committee finds it
appropriate, the communication will be included in the virtual
congress website. This implies its inclusion in the web pages and in
the congress proceedings.

The idea behind the virtual congress is to give authors who cannot
travel to the congress site, the opportunity to contribute and share
their experiences anyhow. It is expected that this will spread the
number of potential contributors among the Spanish-speaking community.

Official language

The preferred language of the congress will be Spanish. English
communications will also be accepted. Authors should deliver their
presentations in one of these two languages, except special cases
discussed with the program committee. Authors may send additional
translations of their papers into other languages, which will be
included in the electronic version of the proceedings.

More information

WWW (will include detailed information on how to submit a paper or a 
proposal for a seminar or a BOF):

Email address for contributors:

Program committee

Program committee coordinators:

Jaime E. Villate
      Porto, Portugal
      Universidade do Porto, GNU, Debian, ANSOL

Jesús M. González Barahona
      Madrid, Spain
      Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Debian, Hispalinux

The program committee is being formed at the moment. The final
composition of the committee will be published as soon as
possible at the congress's web site.

Organizing committee


Héctor García Álvarez
       Madrid, España

The organization committee is being constituted at the moment. The
final composition of the organization committee will be published as
soon as possible at the congress's web site.

Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona                | Grupo de Sistemas y
jgb@gsyc.escet.urjc.es / jgb@computer.org | ESCET, Universidad Rey Juan
tel: +34 91 664 74 67                     | c/ Tulipan s/n
fax: +34 91 664 74 90                     | 28933 Mostoles, Spain

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