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Re: ls -l format changed ?

Am  1.07.02 um 13:30:20 schrieb Nikita V. Youshchenko:
> Seems that 'ls' from the latest fileutils package changed the default 
> format for 'ls -l'.
> Now date and time is printed in different format.

Yeah, great - and it's a weird format. If you set any valid locale, you
get yyyy-mm-dd format. This is not particularly common in Germany. But
what's worse, it also uses mm-dd in the short form, which is very
irritating for me.

> Well, my own scripts are my own problems.
> But is this sort of breaking backward compatability really necessary for 
> Debian?

I don't think that parsing the human-readable output of a program is the
right thing to do. Of course, I've done that myself, but you have to
expect such things to break.


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