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Re: Code Freezing

>Sebastian Urbach <sebastian@urbach.org> wrote:
>> I just want to ask why there is still a code freezing because i
>> think that the things for woody take another few weeks to become
>> stable. Meanwhile there are no Updates and all that possible and
>> that seems dramatically for organisations which are running woody
>> right now (just Remember Apache + SSH Exploits)
>If you take a look at security.debian.org you'll find updated packages
>of apache and ssh.

Yeah, just to remind you: the updates for woody are in normal
Packages and release files, and the debs are in debian-security
pool directories, _not_ in the updates directory. Read for example
Packages file in ftp://security.debian.org, see 
or for debs, look into directory 

So, correct sources.list row for security updates for woody is 
deb http://security.debian.org/ woody/updates main contrib non-free
which is configured automatically during woody install if you 
answered yes to the question about getting security updates for 

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