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Re: Bug#151027: ITP: washerdryer -- wmaker dock applet for timin

>> > * Package name    : washerdryer
>> >   Description     : wmaker dock applet for timing your wash

> Actually, it might be quite useful if you live in a dorm or something;
> often I used to leave laundry running and go back upstairs to
> accomplish something useful.

in fact I often do some cooking, and having a dockapp to do
general timing is really useful. I don't know how washerdryer
notifies the user ; but something allowing to select various levels
of "visibility" could be really useful (flashing the app in the dock,
scrolling a message with libxosd if installed, flashing the screen
background, playing a beep, a sound, sending a mail, whatever!)
it can be done with "cron" and/or "at", but something requiring
only a couple of clicks (1 to summon the dialog, another to 
click on "king size brownie (20 min, background flash")) would be cool.

just my 2 cents...

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