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Re: design of an apt-src program

#include <hallo.h>
Joey Hess wrote on Fri Jun 21, 2002 um 01:43:56PM:
> > cfdisk-utf8 (includes util-linux source)
> > cloop-src (includes zlib source)
> > ash-knoppix (soon, includes ash and modutils source)
> > 
> > They all would benefit from having a method to specifying a source
> > dependency, so the source would be loaded as part of dependencies _and_
> > build-dependencies, and used from a system-wide accessible directory.
> So they need the source available at build time and at install time?

At build-time, only cloop-src would need it at install-time (it
generates kernel-modules, recompiling zlib source). Okay, with
crypto-in-main, the code duplication should decrease, but a such feature
is still usefull.

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