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Bug#150555: general: Packages.gz should have international versions

#include <hallo.h>
nil@csoma.elte.hu wrote on Thu Jun 20, 2002 um 05:21:21PM:

>   Let be a language chooser at the boot of a Debian CD set.

Is available. Only the language in the first setup steps between
the installer and the locales configuration are english (translation
was not possible due to logistical problems).

>   In normal operations let the root choose which translations of
>   Packages.gz be downloaded.
>   For example he has English, Spanish, German and Hungarian users.

Huch, please check the recent news first, then visit ddtp.debian.org.
There are already people working on it, and you can use apt-i18n to work
the way you want. Only the integration into main tree failed on
lazyness or obstinancy of some people.

>   For very advanced Debian users there is no need of descriptions, so
>   they could work faster and save a little drive space.

Sure, but you still need people to actually *translate* the stuff. Go
and start helping with hu translation.

Du kannst vor einer leeren Schüssel verhungern in der Erwartung, daß
genau dorthinein eine Ente vom Himmel fällt, die am Herzinfarkt
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