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Re: Little things make the initial install experience painful

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Yes, I thought it might be an aid to developers, if the version of
> debconf in testing/unstable displayed this information.  Even if just a
> few of the most commonly used UIs supported it, I'm sure we'd start to
> see the benefits.

I'll try to cobble something together. If someone who is familiar with
the gnome ui would like to find a set of 4 small icons, that somehow
indicate the priorities low, medium, high, and critical I'd appreciate

> Another thing that I feel is missing is a set of clear guidelines
> describing how each of the debconf priorities should be used.  I have my
> own ideas about this, which may or may not agree with the ideas of the
> debconf author and certainly don't agree with current practices within
> Debian.  If such a set of guidelines does exist, clearly I'm unaware of
> their existence -- which means, IMHO, that they haven't been announced
> as prominently as they should be.

Well, there is the documented guidelines, from debconf-devel(8):

              The  priority  field tells debconf how important it
              is that this question be shown  to  the  user.  The
              priority values are:

              low    Very  trivial  items that have defaults that
                     will work in the  vast  majority  of  cases;
                     only control freaks see these.

              medium Normal  items that have reasonable defaults.

              high   Items that don't have a reasonable  default.

                     Items  that  will  probably break the system
                     without user intervention.

see shy jo

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