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Mozilla_1.0.0-3 and spell checker

Hi all,

I tried to compile the Mozilla spellchecker
http://spellchecker.mozdev.org/ from source and succeeded. However, I don't
know how to make a separate Debian package from it (as I'm not an experienced
Debian developer).

Maybe someone out there is experienced enough to do that. Commands I used:

cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs login
(The guest password is "guest".)
cvs -d :pserver:guest@mozdev.org:/cvs export spellchecker/spellcheck
mv spellchecker/spellcheck $MOZILLA_SOURCE_DIR/extenstions/

So now you have a mozilla/extensions/spellcheck/ directory.

Then use the diffs in http://valentijn.sessink.nl/temp/mozspell.tar.bz2 to
patch the 1.0.0-3 source according to
Please note that I did not patch
build/package/rpm/SPECS/mozilla-DATE.spec.in as that seemed a RPM-related
file and none of our business.

run configure and make

This results in a couple of files relative to the extensions/spellcheck/



The first three files go into the components/ directory, the last two
should go in components/myspell/ - however, as myspell is also used in
OpenOffice, it might need to go somewhere into /usr/share/
I'm not sure, as OpenOffice uses "en_US.aff" - and Mozilla wants these with
a "-" instead of "_".

After that, run regxpcom and you're there.

I don't know how much work it is to "debianize" these commands. The spell
checker page says "The spellchecker here should land in the mozilla tree
probably right after 1.0" so it should go in anyway.

Best regards,


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