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Re: Little things make the initial install experience painful

Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> So when is exim going to be converted to debconf? Hmmm? Yeeeesh. I think
> that we should require that the MTA, whatever it is, for woody+1, use
> debconf for its configuration.

Woody+1'll probably use exim4 (if exim is still the default MTA),
which won't work with eximconfig (changed conffile-format), so
there'll probably be a change. BTW I am quite happy that exim is not
debconfized yet, I've happily used eximconfig on RedHat systems.

Most installations don't need a complicated full fledged MTA anyway,
either just something that provides /usr/sbin/sendmail and blindly
immidiately forwards this to the Mailhub (ssmtp) or something slightly
bigger (aliases, masquerading/rewriting, smtp-interface, queueing) for
dialup-Users (masqmail). There should be some preselection instead of
defaulting to exim.

BTW if it was chosen to go for a fast woody+¼ (just mutt 1.4,
mozilla1, etc, same bootfloppies, perhaps xfree4.2, no big changes
like gcc3.1 as default) I'd happily try to convert eximconfig3 to
debconf, but else it would be just a waste of work.
              cu andreas
Unofficial _Debian-packages_ of latest _tin_

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