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Re: The New Security Build Infrastructure

> An automobile metaphor:  Ever head of the Corvair?  Ralph Nader?  "Unsafe
> at any speed"?

Another (even more) flawed analogy, as the book and campaign was
entirely based on flaws "fixed in the current release" -- so it's more
like publishing a detailed analysis of security flaws in potato after
the woody release :-)

(The secret path bothers me too, even though I'm usually "in on it"
for whatever reason, but I agree that debian needs to compromise (or
be kicked out) in this case - after all, we've got 13 years of
experience[1] with this model, that would take a lot to dislodge and
the experiment would be difficult to run, and debian probably isn't
the context in which to do it.)

[1] CERT formed in reaction to the Morris incident.

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