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Re: Bug#150455: ITP: slides -- Make Slides Using Python

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, jmarant@nerim.net wrote:

> > Slides is a Python library to help you write your presentation as
> > a readable Python file. When you run that file, it will generate
> > an HTML slides presentation.
>   How different is it from Reportlab presentation tool?

Well, the interface it presents to a user tries to be more similar
to those programs where you write your slides presentation in some markup
language and then process it, then to something which requires programming.
It's just that the markup language is Python, not a piece of ad-hoc shit.
I recommend that you have a look see at the examples/ dir yourself, and
see what I'm talking about.
(One of the examples is a presentation about slides, which presents

BTW: Any reason you did not CC the bug report? I am doing so.

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