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Re: The New Security Build Infrastructure

* Scott James Remnant (scott@netsplit.com) wrote:
> > It's pretty simple really.  You're going to find out at the same time
> > either way, it's just that in the first case there will be a package
> > ready when you find out and in the second case there won't be and you'll
> > have to wait for one.
> > 
> > So, which would you prefer, for there to be a package ready when you
> > find out, or for there to not be one?
> > 
> >From a user point of view, the latter.  I'd rather pull a service down
> because of an exploit, and wait for a package than to not know about an
> exploit for one of my systems.

No, you don't understand.  The user is going to find out *at the same
time*.  At the time the user finds out there can either be a package
ready, or not.  I don't believe any user would pick not.


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