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Re: design of an apt-src program

Steve Langasek wrote:
> As part of #10, I think it's important that the archive software support
> tracking of source build dependencies.  Without this feature, it's a
> step back for at least one of the packages cited below:
> toolchain-source may contain versions of binutils and gcc that don't
> correspond to any binary packages in the archive.  So how does the
> archive software know how long to keep a source package around in such a
> case?

I think that right now retention of source-only package is special cased
in for eg, pine. That may not scale well. An apt-src type thing does
probably tend to point toward more source-only packages (but not too
many more, I'd hope), but it doesn't require that happen, and I think
the FTP admins must have a lot of say in that ultimatly.

It'd worth nothing that the archive manintanence software does not yet
even keep track of build-depends, and they are broken all the time by
changes to the archive.

> Also, I believe the toolchain-source package includes a number of
> patches that are primarily of interest to people doing cross-building.
> Perhaps more to the point, the toolchain-source package has a different
> maintainer than the binutils and gcc source packages.  What's the best
> way to reconcile this?

That's just evil. :-/

see shy jo

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